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Parents » Student Independent Study Contract

Student Independent Study Contract

A parent may request an independent study contract if their child will be absent for a minimum of 5 days, maximum of 10 days. Parents should request an IS contract at least a week in advance. However, if teacher is willing to accommodate the IS contract, we are able to complete it with less notice.

Attendance clerk will initiate the IS Contract. Parent, Student, and Teachers must sign the IS.


Teacher provides assignments and work for student to complete during absence. Their completed work becomes their verification of attendance.

IS contracts and completed work are DUE THE DAY STUDENT IS TO RETURN TO SCHOOL.

Student work samples MUST bear evidence that the supervising teacher has personally evaluated the pupil’s work product (i.e. the supervising teacher should date and initial the top page of the stapled representative sample and use the stamp if provided).

As soon as the teacher provides the completed contract with the number of days credit, Infinite Campus should be updated.  (NOTE: Count whole days of attendance; fractions must be rounded down)


The master agreement, assignment contract form and a sample of the student’s completed assignments must be retained in a separate folder for each student and kept in a file that identifies the independent study records.