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Principal's Message

August 6, 2021

Dear Mary Fay Families,

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year. We look forward to reconnecting with familiar faces and meeting our new families. I am writing this letter in preparation for the year ahead. You can use this as a resource and come back to it as needed. Unfortunately, we will still have to navigate some restrictions this year due to COVID. We also want to communicate all of the new campus procedures. This is meant to be viewed as a digital document with links to extra information. 

Dropoff and student arrival on campus starts at 7:20 am. We cannot have students on campus until we have supervision for them. Do not drop students off earlier than that time; campus gates will be locked until 7:20. Pickup time is promptly after the end of day for the corresponding grade level.

Currently, we have two routes to get to the entrance of our school. This will be our access for the first four to six weeks until construction is completed on our parking lot.

The first route is for walkers. Walkers will need to enter from the neighborhood gate located in the De Luz Central housing area. There is a sidewalk leading all the way to the steps up to campus. The neighborhood access from De Luz South does not have a safe walking path at this time. There is not a place to cross children. This means De Luz South will have to walk around to the De Luz west gate or drive the drop off and pick up loop.

Second is to drive through the drop off and pick up  loop. This is a tight space for the number of vehicles we have on a daily basis. Please, keep in mind this is temporary. We do have three different start and end times (see our bell schedule) which will help spread out the flow of traffic. Please, have your child ready to exit the vehicle as you pull up to maintain the flow. It is a single lane loop, so no one can pull around the lead car(s). We will have staff members posted to guide students up to the school entrance gate. 

For parents driving at pick up, we do utilize a “sibling table” with adult supervision, where younger students can wait for their older siblings’ classes to end so parents don’t have to drive through each grade level end time. This is a courtesy and is dependent on the student’s ability to wait without eloping or causing disruption. Example, a second grader waits at the sibling table until 2:30, then her older brother picks her up at the table, checks her out from the adult, and walks down to the pickup loop. 

After completion of the parking lot (4 to 6 weeks), there will be a very spacious entry and exit loop. There will also be safe walking access from DeLuz South and West. 

Transportation will be operational this year. Busses will run in the morning and afternoon for families in the qualified bussing ranges. Complete a transportation application if you are interested in bussing. Bus drop off and pick up is located behind the campus gates. Please, be mindful of busses coming and going through the driveway; they need some room to maneuver.

For students old enough to bike to school, there is currently a small space to leave a few bikes at the front sidewalk. It will be labeled. There is not a rack to lock them to yet. Leave bikes at your own risk; they will be unsecured. Once the parking lot is completed, we will have a proper bike rack.  

We will not be allowing parents on campus during the first days of school. If you walk your child up to the gate, you will need to say goodbye at the gates. We will have staff members to guide and direct students to the class lineup areas. Kindergarten students will go to the kindergarten yard. All other students will go to the new basketball courts on campus.

Our Meet and Greet will be held on Friday, August 13. We will host this as an outdoor event.  Students and parents will not be able to see classrooms. You will be able to meet your teacher and see the location of the classroom. See link for schedule.

We are following CA Dept of Public Health guidelines for COVID 19. All students and staff will have to wear a mask when sharing space indoors until further notice and regardless of vaccination status. Mask wearing outdoors is optional. We will continue to utilize stable groupings in order to contact trace as needed. There are still quarantine and isolation procedures. Our school nurse has the most up to date information on this topic. If your child has cold symptoms or has been potentially exposed to COVID 19, please keep them home as it helps to prevent others from having to isolate or quarantine. 

We have prepared our teachers to be able to shift through phases of instruction to meet students’ needs. We may have instances where some students in class are in quarantine,  some are able to continue in person, and the teacher is able to be in person. The teacher will have activities, virtual contact times, and instructional feedback for students who cannot be present. 

I look forward to seeing our returning and new families. You all are going to be thrilled with the new campus. The first four to six weeks will be tough at drop off and pick up. Access will be much easier as soon as the parking lot is completed. The whole staff is excited to welcome you to the 2021-22 school year.

Helpful Resources:

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Very Respectfully,



Brian Frost, Principal

Mary Fay Pendleton School