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Our Library

Welcome to the Mary Fay Pendleton Library!  My name is Mrs. Larson and I have been at MFP since 2010.  Each week, students will join me for 30 minutes for a variety of activities all centered on books and reading of course!  Some activities include reading and voting for the California Young Reader Medal, Fall and Spring book fairs, buddy reading, Dr. Seuss week, reader leaders and ART projects!  This year we are adding to the fun! We are so excited that our library has expanded to include a MakerSpace!  MakerSpace is a place where students can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials.  The MakerSpace is always in need of more “building supplies” in the form of egg cartons, paper towel rolls, thin cardboard boxes, pipe cleaners, tape and anything else you think students could use to create.


2017/18 Schedule:


Monday: Kindergarten


Tuesday: 1st Grade


Wednesday: Pre-School, 4th Grade, 5th Grade


Thursday: 2nd Grade


Friday: 3rd Grade


6th-8th may use the library at their recess, lunch or when appropriate during class.


*Schedule may change based on school events